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The true beauty of sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is beginning to see a rise in popularity and is even being seen in some of the more recent trends. This resilient flooring has more to offer than what you might suppose at first glance. In addition to having a wide selection of appearance options to choose from, the benefits will be of great use to you as well, no matter what space you’re flooring with this product. It’s likely to be a great fit in every space in your home.

Cascade Flooring has more than 30 years of experience in the flooring business and is currently based in St. Croix Falls, WI. From there we serve the areas of St. Croix Falls, Balsam Lake, Taylor’s Falls, Osceola, and Amery. We offer an extensive selection of flooring materials and products, in addition to knowledgeable professional staff members to help bring everything together. Be sure to visit us, where you’ll be our number one priority, so we can help you put together the perfect floor covering plan quickly and easily.

Sheet vinyl flooring benefits for you

Sheet vinyl is available in many appearances, to include the look of natural materials such as stone, porcelain, and solid wood. If you enjoy a more artistic and patterned appearance, there are also many colors and styles to choose from in this direction as well. The good news is, no matter what look you hope to achieve, you’ll be able to match your decor flawlessly with this product.
Affordable vinyl flooring in Balsam Lake, WI from Cascade Flooring
One of the most loved features about sheet vinyl is the fact that it is seamless and practically waterproof. The lack of seams offers no points of entry for liquids or water to seep underneath the flooring where it could do damage or grow mold, mildew, or bacteria. For this reason, it’s perfect for laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, and anywhere else spills or accidents are likely to happen.

Installation of sheet vinyl is best carried out by a team of professionals. Those who have attempted a novice DIY installation have often regretted it. Since the entire room can be done in one sheet, measuring or cutting wrong can make an entire piece of vinyl completely useless. In turn, this can push you far over budget, or leave you with unsightly spaces around the edge of your flooring due to necessary patchwork. Let our professionals take care of the job and you’ll never have to pay for more flooring than what is used to cover the space you needed floored in the first place.

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